Debit Cards

Carry the CARD that works like a check!

Maple Bank offers Debit cards for qualified accounts, with no annual fee.  Withdraw cash at ATM machines all over the world through the MONEYPASS ATM NETWORK and use the Debit Card to access funds in your linked accounts, just like a check, wherever MASTERCARD® is accepted.

EMV Chip Technology  With EMV ‘Chip’ technology, your account information is stored securely in the chip on the front of the card. This chip technology makes the Card extremely difficult to copy or counterfeit, and provides a reduction in fraud in transactions where others can see or handle your card. CLICK HERE for the video on Chip Card Security

Planning a trip? Please visit our Security Center and click on the Travel Notification and Fraud Prevention tabs. If you are traveling outside your normal pattern, please contact us so we can be aware of your destination. In many cases your transactions may be blocked, under the suspicion of fraud, if we are not aware of your travels. If you are traveling internationally, be sure to notify us. In some countries your debit and ATM cards will not be accepted, so you will want to be informed and prepared before you go.

Check your accounts regularly. It is always important to check your statements monthly and review your accounts online regularly, to verify that all transactions are yours. If you see any suspicious transactions, please notify us immediately.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card Immediately. Please contact us immediately if your card is missing. For more information, visit our Security Center –  Report Lost or Stolen Card page on our website.

Enjoy the safety and convenience of our Debit Card. Carry less cash and enjoy easy access to your money.


Please contact us immediately to report a lost or stolen ATM or Debit Card. After hours, please call 800.417.8715.