Cash Management

We have tools to help you manage your money.

Maximize your resources when you access these cash management tools. Maple Bank is proud to offer a wide variety of services to help your business manage your cash flow. Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access to your accounts through Online Banking, and check out the additional cash management tools we offer below.

Cash Management Services include:

Utilize all of these resources to help your business run smoothly.


ACH    Discover the convenience of originating your own ACH (Automatic Clearing House) payments. 



Employee payroll

   • No paychecks to write or sign

   • No lost paychecks to replace

   • No paychecks to reconcile

   • Employees have no need to deposit paycheck


Paying vendorS

   • No more checks to write or sign

   • No checks to reconcile

   • Send payments faster


DEBIT ACH Origination

one-time or recurring billing

   • Invoice for products or service

   • Automatic recurring billing

   • Convenience for your customers


Transfer funds

   • Easily move money from one bank to another




ACH Manager  Within your Business Online account, ACH Manager allows you to view an incoming ACH activity, establish a new ACH transfer, review and approve ACH transfers or generate reports to print. 


   • Delegate ACH origination authority with limits to authorized employees.

   • Establish seconedary ACH origination approval authorizations.

   • View incoming ACH transaction details.

   • Print and save generated reports of ACH transaction history.

   • Establish a new ACH transfer or use an existing ACH transfer to establish a new transaction.

   • Use ACH templates to speed entry and increase accuracy.



Desktop Deposit Are you tired of making that dash to the bank to deposit your checks? With Desktop Deposit, you can scan and submit your checks electronically from the convenience of your place of business.


   • Use a check scanner and Maple Bank’s Business Online Banking on your PC to quickly and conveniently scan your check deposit.

   • Balance your deposit at your desk.

   • Retrieve information from prior deposits.

   • Track deposits by naming and categorizing them.




Wire Transfers Need to send money quickly to other banks, companies or individuals? Wire Transfers can give you the convenience and control to initiate transfers from your location.


Time Savings and Convenience

   • Request wire transfers using Maple Bank’s Online Banking software on a PC or smartphone.



   • The integrity and confidentiality of your deposits are protected by an encrypted Internet connection.

   • Authentication- Two-factor authentication helps ensure wire originators are authorized.

   • Dual Control and Limits- Help ensure proper wire authorization and eliminate errors.

   • Call Back- Every wire initiated will receive a manual call back to confirm the wires authenticity.



   • Allow recurring wire payee and transaction information to be stored and reused for convenience and greater accuracy.




Wire Manager Within your Business Online account, create and submit wire transfer requests from your Maple Bank account quickly and securely.


   • Securely send Maple Bank wire transfer requests from your desk or from your smartphone.

   • Delegate wire authority to others while retaining final approval authority.

   • Print or save reports of wire transfer history.

   • Set up recurring wire transfers.

   • Create and re-use wire transfer templates to save time.



Business Online Banking Take greater control of your business accounts with Business Online Banking service. You will have secure access to give you 24/7 flexibility and time savings for many of your banking functions. 


Control Employee Access

   • Delegate access to employees as necessary to perform job duties


Time Savings

   • Place address change requests, stop payment requests, receive notifications electronically


Improved Cash Flow

   • Transfer funds between accounts in real time


Access to Reports

   • Export account activity to QuickBooks, Quicken, MS Money, Excel


Convenient Deadlines

   • Transfer funds until 6:00 p.m. CST 



   • The integrity and confidentiality of your deposits are protected by an encrypted data connection




Merchant Card Services   Running a competitive business today means meeting customer demands at every turn. Maple Bank’s Merchant Card services enable you to receive payments from credit and debit cards providing the payment flexibility your customers expect.  


   • Accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, smart cards, Apple Pay, mobile wallet & more

   • Accept payments through your website

   • Mobile Reader for cell phones and tablets

   • Issue electronic gift cards for your business

   • We provide all hardware and software needed

   • Point-of-sale software program for restaurants

   • Comprehensive training and ongoing support




Business Check Card   Leave your checkbook safely at the office and utilize the Maple Bank Business Check Card. It’s the easy way to track expenses, and accepted anywhere you see the MasterCard logo. You can have several cards for key employees and set user limits as well.


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Please contact us immediately to report a lost or stolen ATM or Debit Card. After hours, please call 800.417.8715.