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Maple Bank's Total Business Solutions
By looking at your business' total financial picture we go beyond traditional business banking to provide an innovative and tailored solution through one relationship - something you just won't find anywhere else.

With access to specialists in areas such as cash management, financing, insurance, investments and retirement, we integrate the business services you need so that more of your business' funds are working harder - together.

Why work this way? In the end, it's about helping you and your business reach its full potential. And when your finances are working harder, together, you can manage your business more effectively and improve your bottom line.

Business Cash Managment

Balance Information Reporting
Through your own computer, you can access your accounts at any time to check balances, verify transactions or do reconcilements. This easy access provides you with timely accuracy for forecasting and decision-making.

Wire Transfers
This service is the fastest, most efficient method for transferring money from one bank to another. Transfers improve your security and allow for immediate use of collected funds at another institution.

ACH Origination
Companies can pay electronically through the Internet using the Automated Clearing House.

Check Imaging
Rather than hassle with the storage of your canceled checks, we provide you with copies of your canceled checks on three-hole punch paper for easy retention and filing.

Funds Transfer
Funds may be transferred between any of your Maple Bank accounts anytime, day or night.

Cash Concentration
Through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), Maple Bank offers this service to give companies with multiple outlets the ability to accumulate funds rapidly. Each outlet is able to make deposits in a local bank, and with the use of the ACH network, it will credit your concentration account for use of the funds the next day. Cash Concentration Service reduces the clerical functions and costs associated with funds gathering, and accelerates the collectability and availability of your money.

Stop Payment
A stop payment order may be originated at any time.

Zero Balance Accounts
These commercial checking accounts contain no cash balances. At the close of each business day, funds from your master account are transferred to the Zero Balance Accounts to cover payments, or excess funds in the Zero Balance Accounts are transferred to the master account.

Lock Box
With this service, your receipts are sent to the main local post office from locations across the city, region, or country. We pick up the receipts and process them, deposit the checks in your account, and forward the remittance information.

A lock box speeds up delivery, reduces the float period and accelerates the conversion of your receivables into cash. It saves time for your employees by eliminating the need to open the mail, prepare the deposits and deliver them to the bank. The added security of knowing your money is going directly to your account, along with improved control and funds availability, makes this program an excellent benefit for business owners.

Direct Deposit of Payroll
This service allows your company to quickly and efficiently transfer funds into an employee’s checking account, no matter where they bank. This provides significant time and cost savings and eliminates the preparation and processing of checks. Direct deposit also strengthens your company’s cash forecasting ability by minimizing the risk of lost, stolen or forged checks.

Account Analysis
Maple Bank attempts to structure your services to maximize the profitability of your banking relationship. Through analysis, your accounts will be grouped together to get the credit you deserve for all collected balances in all your accounts. This reduces the expense for those companies required to keep multiple accounts.

Other Business Services

24-Hour Depository Service
Make your deposit at your convenience anytime – days, nights or weekends.

Visa/MasterCard Merchant Program and Corporate Cards
We will deliver and set-up your Visa/MasterCard program, giving you faster access to income from your sales. We can also accommodate your business corporate card needs.

Business ATM Card
Make your deposits conveniently to a local ATM machine for immediate credit to your account. Deposits may be limited.

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